The Importance Of Having a Website That Is Up To Date And Mobile Responsive

How Old Is Your Website, Does It Meet Current Technical Standards?

Have you been sitting on the same tired old website for years? Even if it’s only a few years old, your website could be well out of date, and you could be losing valuable traffic, sales and business leads.

At the time of this post people browsing the internet on mobile devices are responsible for well over 50% of all traffic on the web. That means if your website isn’t mobile responsive (resizes and works on mobile phones, tablets as well as laptop & desktop computers) you are cutting out a huge chunk of the market.

cronulla responsive web design

One of our clients Cronulla Health Club and their new responsive website that works on all devices.

How’s Your Page Speed?

Another issue that affects many websites on the net (particularly those built by their owners or novice web designers) is page speed. The longer your page takes to load the more people turn off and look elsewhere. People’s tolerance levels are different, but everyone has their own line in the sand.

Responsive Website Design Helps Your Website Rank In Search Engines

It’s not only users who are turned off by non-responsive and slow web pages, but it’s also a major ranking factor for search engines. Google, in particular, has algorithms to detect whether sites are mobile responsive and fast. Google puts user experience and content relevance above all else when it comes to how they rank pages in their search engine results or SERPs for short.

While Google is cagey about what most of their ranking factors are, they make no bones about the fact that a web users experience is at the top of their considerations when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short).

Custom Web Design Cronulla Websites

Another one of our clients Gallery Australis wanted a unique and responsive website for their photography portfolio.

What Can Cronulla Websites Do About Getting You Up To Date

At Cronulla Websites we’re experts in not only designing new affordable web solutions for small business, but we can also evaluate your existing site and let you know what improvements if any need to be made.

We can and always:

  • Optimize images for the web. Non or poorly optimized images are one of the main culprits for slow webpages
  • Make websites mobile responsive, we are experts in CSS3 / media queries.
  • Build on user-friendly CMS/Content Management Systems, for ease of use (WordPress).
  • We use and configure correctly special plugins that increase your websites speed for browser caching, code minification and image delivery.
  • Eliminate unnecessary bloat and code. Many designers just add layer upon layer of code on the top of existing code that increases server resource usage that can at best slow your site down or at worse have your web host block your site. Our code is clean with best practices implemented.

If you would like us to take a look at your existing website just send us a message on our contact page with your websites URL and a quick message. We’ll get back to you ASAP with what improvements can be made free of charge with no obligations.

If you require a brand new website that is fully optimized for responsiveness on all devices, search engines and is user-friendly, just fill out our easy Website Questionnaire and we’ll be back in contact with a solution that will fit your website needs.

All of our websites are built on the best content management systems and frameworks available so that you can take full control of your own website easily without any technical knowledge required.