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Our Website Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to gather as much information about your website needs as we can before we begin. We know it is a little lengthy but it is very easy; the more information that you provide to us at the beginning the more affordable and sooner your project will be available.

We will follow up your completed questionnaire with a quote. Depending on your budget we’ll advise on some simple things that you can provide yourself to keep costs to a minimum.

  • If you already have one
    No matter your budget, you will get a fully functioning, attractive and optimized website. Budget determines the amount of revisions allowed, page numbers and whether you or we provide content, hosting, and a domain. In other words our time and added costs. We'll help you keep your costs to a minimum. We want to produce quality websites sooner rather than later too!
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  • Add a new row
  • We won't get started on your website (or even schedule it) until we have all content and direction from you. This method saves a lot of time, frustration and most importantly, for you, keeps your costs low.
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